March 5, 2012

Mac Floppy

I have a new site to add to my RSS feed, Mac Floppy; it's pretty awesome. Stuff we take for granted today was unheard of back then.

I never owned a Mac until 2011, 26 years after the original Mac came out. But, it does remind me of the times when I used classic Mac OS in school. Ah, good times.

Via: 512 Pixels

It's Been a While

Yes, trying to take a Calculus class and a Physics class together can put a strain on your time. I now have a new enemy.

Got to love being a student, huh?

January 17, 2012

Using Your Phone to Authenticate to Your Google Account

This would be so useful if I need to log in to my Google Apps account at the computer lab. You gotta love Google.

By the way, if you haven't tried two-step authentication for your Google account, give it a shot. That alone will help your security tremendously.

January 11, 2012

Microsoft's Tweet Choir

Did the marketing guys at Microsoft have a few too many? My thoughts as I was watching this live: "Oh my God..."

Apple Announces Jan. 19 NYC Education Event

Yet again, Apple steals publicity from CES with an "education announcement". Talk about amazing PR.

The Almighty Via

Stephen Hackett on The Almighty Via
In short, the via link is a simple way to show your readers how you found the content you are sharing with them. The idea is to thank the resource you used to find the content you are sharing. As a bonus, it’s a nice way to toss some traffic at other people’s sites.

Admittedly, I haven’t been writing a lot on the web recently, but here are my thoughts on via links. It seems appropriate to attribute the site which pointed me to it. Now if I see a sort of chain of sites start to build up then I will give the via to the one I read first in the chain that seems most appropriate.

To crudely illustrate:

If I read Site 3, which links to Site 1 with attribution to Site 2, I will attribute with a via to Site 3 (the site I had originally found the link).

What’s more, if I find the original site independently, even if another site in my news reader links to it, I will not attribute a via link at all. Maybe that's just me overthinking things, but that’s how I would handle the via. But, perhaps my standards will evolve over time.

January 10, 2012

So It Begins...

Hello! I’m Emmanuel Morales, and I’m a student attending a local community college. I’ve long followed the technology industry and I’d thought I’d get back to writing about it.

Did I just say “get back”? Yes. You see, years ago I authored The Great Bit Bucket as a personal column which mostly covered technology. I had lost my drive to post and the column slowly faded into oblivion, although I’m sure there are remnants somewhere on the Internet.

Why “The Great Bit Bucket”? Well, it all started with a video of Steve Jobs announcing the death of Mac OS 9, and that the company would bet the farm on OS X. He said that OS 9 went to the great bit bucket in the sky. I liked that name, and it stuck.

I watched John Gruber describe Daring Fireball as his personal column. That really hit home with me. As I began to see this space as my personal column, my love for writing was rekindled.

And so it begins, again.